Ubox allows developing and distributing interactive experiences gratefully with cutting-edge web technologies.

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Designers (Arts, Music, Entertainment)

Ubox allows you to think beyond a screen, design an experience outside of what can be projected on a screen adapted to any individual

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With Ubox you can easily orchestrate an interactive experience for any physical space using HTML and Javascript

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Hardware Makers

Integrate your hardware to the Ubox ecosystem where it can be available to worldwide users already in the Ubox community, providing you an extended channel for commercial interactions

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RealeSeguros, an information screen for an insurance company event where the visitor has to shoot a goal in order to have access to the information about the event (8 days of development)

Stratio Stand, an interactive experience to show a tech platform where the visitor can get the information directly via interactive gestures (10 days of development)

Art piece, here the visitor has to run and jump in order to fully display and view a digital paint (5 days of development)

ShakeShake, is a French startup creators of a coupon platform integrated with WeChat using the shake gesture, here the end user can play in the screen and get a coupon directly on a smartphone (4 days of development)

#theRunner, is an interactive artwork controlled from the mobile using web technologies.The artist behind the project is Soliman Lopez, R&D director of ESAT. This project was part of the exposition made for CEART and was shown at Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid's city center. https://www.europapress.es/comunicados/sociedad-00909/noticia-comunicado-skinning-soliman-lopez-ceart-fuenlabrada-madrid-20190123124242.html (4 days of development)